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Neverwinter Update: Trove of Elemental Evil Email Code

Von Alex
Sa 18 Apr 2015 16:14:30 PDT

Yesterday, our team distributed an email commemorating the launch of Neverwinter: Elemental Evil. Within the email was a code redeemable for an in-game item titled The Trove of Elemental Evil, which offers players a chance to win several in-game items including elemental companions. At the time, we distributed one code, which would be redeemable by all players until May 1, 2015. 

Once the code was distributed, we saw a larger amount of players redeem the code. Unfortunately, the code was easily exploitable as the in-game item did not bind to the account and were re-sold via the Auction House. In addition to re-selling the item, we saw several instances where players created additional Arc accounts to continuously redeem the code. With the entire situation in mind, our team decided to disable the codes.

We are actively investigating how we can either revive or replace this campaign. Our desire was to send a fun and compelling gift to our players going into the a weekend of Neverwinter adventures. We still want to do good by this as rewarding our dedicated fans is important to us. Stay tuned for more information as we investigate both of the situation and solutions.

If you would like to discuss this further, we have opened a thread in our forums

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