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Jade Dynasty

Silver VIP and Tawen Gem Discounted

Von SweetNSour
Mi 11 Mär 2015 19:00:00 PDT


For a limited time only, SilverRose Gold, and Supreme Gold VIP Cards are on sale! Grab them for endless Esper energy, special titles and bonus EXP! Additionally, you can create truly powerful Espers with upgrades discounted by 50%. Not only can your Esper grant powerful stat bonuses, it can also increase the ranks of your faction skills!

Sale Start Date: Wednesday, March 11th, 2015 at 7:00 PM PST
Sale End Date: 
Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 at 7:00 PM PST


The Silver VIP Card - 3 Jaden - is crucial for pushing towards your next level. The chief benefit is that you’ll get infinite Esper energy when you’re invigorating, meaning that you really can be Sleepless, and you won’t even need an energy battery to make it work. You’ll also get a bonus of +20% EXP, and an ongoing Tiger Ice buff. That’s +10% Attack Power and another +100 Attack Power. And hey, if that isn’t enough VIP for you, make a splashy entrance with the <Supreme Lord> in-game title, available only to VIPs.

The Rose Gold VIP card - 10.5 Jaden - will get everything the Silver VIP card offers but will last 30 days!


Forta, Jade Dynasty, MMORPG, Pose, Martial Arts


Supreme Gold VIP card  - 17.4 Jaden - this is the big one: All the effects of the Silver VIP pack and more. If a title’s just not enough to mark you status as a VIP, the exclusive Jade Venom fashion will do the trick. You’ll also get both the Tiger and Turtle Ice buffs, and you won’t lose any EXP if you die.


Celan, Virtual World, Jade Dynasty, MMORPG


Perfect Tawen Gem

  • Discounted price: 0.75 Jaden
  • Buy in bulk and save more! Purchase 11 Perfect Tawen Gems for discounted price: 7.50 Jaden
  • Resets the amount and types of skills from an Esper.
  • Has a chance to change the level of the Esper Skill.
  • You may choose to accept or give up any changes before completing assimilation.
  • Perfect Tawen Gem is consumed after every use.



Esper Polish

  • Discounted price: 1.50 Jaden
  • Your Esper can give you bonus ranks in your skills; reveal what these skills are by Assimilating it with Esper Polish.





Tiamat Blood

  • Discounted price: 0.25 Jaden
  • Instantly increases an Esper's Proficiency by 500
  • Catalyze it with an Esper to increase its level.





Wyvern Blood

  • Discounted price: 2.50 Jaden
  • Instantly increases an Esper's Proficiency by 5500
  • Catalyze it with an Esper to increase its level.





Platinum Jade

  • Discounted price: 0.75 Jaden
  • Resets the amount and types of skills from an Esper.
  • You may choose to accept or give up any changes before completing assimilation.
  • Platinum Jade is consumed after every use.




Register and play for free in Jade Dynasty, the free-to-play martial arts MMORPG. Play as fourteen different classes in hardcore PvP with beautiful power animations! Want more game details, screens, and videos? Like Jade Dynasty on Facebook for more fan-exclusive content! Plus, subscribe to our YouTube channel for the latest Jade Dynasty videos.


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