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Jade Dynasty

Leveling Tips & Tricks

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Do 13 Mär 2014 04:00:00 PDT


Jade Dynasty's a huge game, and if you're new, it can be easy to get lost in all the options. If you're looking for the best quests to level up quickly, you're in the right place -- read on for tips and tricks for leveling!


A note to rookies: Most of the quests below will measure their EXP reward in Taichi Pills. Each Taichi Pill is automatically redeemed for a ton of EXP.

You can also get tons of EXP from being power leveled -- a lot of players will power level you in exchange for gold or Jaden. A good way to get this is by finding a Master, who'll earn Expertise while you get EXP, or by being part of an Alliance.



Plot Quests


Jade Dynasty's main questline is a bonanza of Taichi Pills. You'll be taken through each of the main zones through the story of main characters Velonus, Bilu and Anan, earning Taichi Pills every few sub-quests.

These quests are available in the Quest window (hotkey Q), in the JD Plot tab.




The Class Window


After level 10, you'll be automatically sorted into a Class of similar-leveled players. You can work together with them on quests, or you can use the Class system itself for EXP. Use hotkey N to open the class window.

You'll be able to get a daily Class quest from the window, with a minor EXP reward. When enough people have completed the quest, you'll be able to claim 100 Taichi Pills. Below level 30, this quest is just staying online for an hour; after, you'll be tasked to kill Black Bamboo in Jadeon, which only take one damage per hit. Party up with an Incense Mage if you can, as their burns make this quest much faster.

You can also get EXP when people level out of the Class' level range.




Daily Fealty Rewards


The Fealty System is a daily rewards system that gives you bonuses for running instances, doing quests, and more. You'll earn points as you complete categories of tasks, and at 25, 50, 75 and 100 points, you'll get reward bundles with EXP and more.




Wonderland Fair Events


The Wonderland Fair is a collection of daily minigames for everyone Level 60+, and each of them gives 60 Taichi Pills. The events usually take about three minutes each, so they're one of the fastest ways to level up.

You can go to the Wonderland Fair by going to (621, 600) in Sunstream City, on Realm 15 only. Some of the events count for Fealty points, too.




VIP Rewards


The VIP rewards are free daily items you can claim. There are a number of items available for free, and players who transfer ZEN into Jade Dynasty can claim bonus rewards, including one or more Taichi Pill Packs per day. (Each Pack has 100 Taichi Pills.)




Soul Tower Instance


This daily solo instance will take you about 10 minutes. You'll be challenged to get through waves of increasingly-difficult monsters; you'll get rewards for each wave you clear, and more rewards for the first time you beat a wave.

By about level 120, you'll be getting 50 Taichi Pills per day from it, even if you don’t reach a new wave. This instance also earns you Fealty points, too.



Crimson Peaks Instance


This 10-25 man daily instance takes a while, 30-60 minutes, but it gives a ton of EXP. The default reward is 140 Taichi Pills per run -- make sure to talk to all the NPCs at each stage. In addition, every week you'll get a voucher you can trade in the instance for 500 Taichi Pills.

You'll also get a ton of provisions as loot, so you'll be able to either sell it or donate it for Faction Honor. This also counts for Fealty points, too.



Special Events


There are special events, like the Fishman Invasion, that give 200+ Taichi Pills for some quick quests. These will usually be announced in blogs and on the forums, so make sure to keep an eye out.




Exploration System


As you stay online, you'll earn rewards every hour, including Expedition Packs. Using this, you'll be able to get at least 50 Taichi Pills per day. Click the clock icon to the bottom-right of your health bar to claim your rewards, and see how long until the next rewards are available.


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