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Blacklight: Retribution

Featured Hero - Duchess

Von DwightMC
Di 22 Jul 2014 15:00:00 PDT


The new Featured Hero is Duchess! Check her out and all her cool gear!

-  S.Bertolette, callsign ‘Duchess’, is a sniper and expert marksman. She’s beautiful, quick and always deadly.

-  Duchess may not have the health and armor of the heavier Heroes like Grendel and Crusher, but she does have one of the fastest running speeds and the fastest HRV recharge rate among all the Heroes.

-  Duchess is equipped with the Tactical Gear Item, Respawn Beacon. Once she finds a great sniping perch she can plant her beacon and never have to worry about pesky Agents placing a lucky shot. She’ll be right there coming back to unleash vengeance, one round at a time.

-  Duchess is equipped with the additional Depot item A36 Brimstone. In addition to killing targets at a distance with her BAR, she can rain death from above with a tactical Airstrike.


-  Duchess is equipped with the custom premade Titan ‘Duchess’ BAR. This Premade Bolt-Action Rifle was designed with two things in mind: Power and speed. She can tear through some of the strongest defenses with one well placed shot from this monster, and retreat when the fire gets too hot.

-  Duchess is also equipped with the custom secondary premade revolver, the J3-CS ‘Duchess’. This hand cannon has the Lightsky ELO-Tech R.6 scope, making it even easier to liquefy foes at distances.

-  Duchess comes with the Custom Taunt, Ground Pound. After killing unaware agents, she loves to assert her dominance with this blatant act of aggression!

Primary Weapon - Titan 'Duchess' BAR

Stat Titan 'Duchess' BAR
Damage 172
Ammo 8/32
Zoom 6.00
Spread - AIM 0.00
Spread - HIP 5.33
Spread - MOVE 10.12
Firerate 54
Reload 4.37
Scope In 0.25
Recoil 13.87
Range 166/186
Run 9.11

Secondary Weapon - J3-C2 'Duchess'

Stat      J3-C2 'Duchess'      
Damage 125
Ammo 6/24
Zoom 1.60
Spread - AIM 0.92
Spread - HIP 2.29
Spread - MOVE 4.64
Firerate 200
Reload 2.39
Scope In 0.23
Recoil 12.91
Range 40/60
Run 9.63



-  Tactical Gear – Respawn Beacon

-  HRV Blackout Mk.1

-  Frag Grenade Mk.1

-  Bonus Depot Item: A36 Brimstone Airstrike


Duchess is free to use from maintenance 08/05 until maintenance 08/19. Duchess will then be on sale from 08/19 until 11:59 PM PDT on 08/26.

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