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Announcing: Ramsay's Ruby Race!

Von SoFech
Do 16 Nov 2017 11:00:00 PST


The king of the concrete jungle himself, Ramsay is looking for rival crews to prove their worth! Race against other teams to play as many custom matches as you can from November 16th to December 16th to win prizes along the way! The team with most completed matches will go head-to-head against Ramsay’s own crew – The Gigantic Team!


● 15+ Completed Custom Matches w/ Your Team – 500 Rubies each 
● 45+ Completed Custom Matches w/ Your Team - 1500 Rubies each 
● Team with Most Completed Customs Matches – Gigantic T-shirt and 5v5 Match Versus Gigantic Team! 


 How to Register for Event:

● Submit your matches and team roster here: https://goo.gl/forms/ts4KpVnxbYvNmry63
● Join The Forge competitive Discord: https://discord.gg/Z5n4jDv
● Schedule matches against other teams in #ramsays_ruby_race channel
● Record or stream your matches. If nobody on team has recording capability, both team captains need to submit a screenshot of final score page.
● Final day to submit all matches is December 16th!



● In order for a match to be considered “completed” we will need to review and verify match submissions. Incomplete form submissions will not be considered.
● Please allow a few days for matches to be reviewed and verified. We will send prizes on weekly intervals.
● All 10 players must actively play match to completion.
● Subs are allowed for the matches. However, rubies will be sent to the team roster on file.
● Any matches completed for an existing tournament/organized event (The Forge, TourneyToday, Guardian Arena, etc) will count towards this event as long as it is submitted in correct format.

Don’t have a team yet? Looking for recruits? Ready to start your first round?
Head over to The Forge competitive Discord  [https://discord.gg/MrH4N94]  to start!



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Schweren Herzens müssen wir euch mitteilen, dass das Januar-Update das letzte Inhaltsupdate für Gigantic sein wird.
Gigantics letztes Update ist jetzt auf allen Plattformen live. Unser neuestes Update bringt euch T-MAT, Gigantics neueste Fernkampfheldin!
Seht euch die Entwicklung des jungen Teufels an, vom ersten Konzept bis zur Fertigstellung!

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