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Eternal Dawn Minor Update: April 6th 2017

Von MO Evangelos
Do 06 Apr 2017 09:00:00 PDT

*The Eternal Dawn Minor Update will be available for download in the Windows 10 Store and Xbox Live Marketplace at 9a PDT (18:00 CEST) on April 6th.*

Welcome to the second Minor Update of the Eternal Dawn, and the final update of the Gigantic Open Beta! While the team shifts their focus to completing and polishing the final version of the game, this update introduces several fixes to some of the more prominent issues you might have encountered while playing. Whether addressing the “40 second” stall on the hero confirmation screen, ensuring your teammates are visible once they hit the battlefield, or preventing the loss of your fortune card draws when you’re pulled into a match, you’ll find a fix coming with tomorrow’s build! Just remember to download the latest game update starting at 9a PDT on Thursday, April 6th!

While you can read up on what the future holds for Gigantic in the latest State of Gigantic blog, we’ll also be watching and listening for any problems you encounter while playing in this week’s build! We want to hear any and all of the issues you uncover, so be sure to visit our social channels and chime into the discussion:

Official Gigantic Forum || Official Gigantic Subreddit || Official Twitter

We'll see you on the airship!



You can find a full list of known issues with the beta build over on the official forum. We'll keep this list up-to-date with the biggest issues (and solutions) that are reported during the Open Beta:

We'll also be tracking the most impactful issues - as well as any workarounds or known solutions - on the official subreddit:




  • Fixed a bug where a simultaneous power orb capture for both teams would not award power to the losing team.
  • Fixed a bug where entering a match with an open fortune card draw could prevent you from drawing and accepting any additional fortune cards without restarting your client.
  • Fixed a bug where teammates would initially appear invisible and without health at the start of a match - particularly on the Siren's Strand map.
  • Fixed a bug where capture points on the minimap would not update properly after the initial summon was killed.
  • Fixed a bug where players who left a match would receive the benefits of the honor bonus they triggered after reconnecting to the match.

Known more widely as the "40 second" bug, players would fail to progress past the hero confirmation screen after locking in a hero to play in the upcoming match - usually with (you guessed it) 40 seconds left on the countdown. This was often due to a player failing to connect to the lobby, and would force the entire team to manually exit the match and accept a matchmaking penalty as a result.

Since that's not an intended experience for anyone involved, we've fixed two bugs surrounding the issue: one for the user who disconnected, and one for the rest of the players:

  • Fixed a bug where a player who disconnects from a match before reaching the hero confirmation screen was not given the option to reconnect to the match.
  • Fixed a bug where a team would stall indefinitely at the hero confirmation screen if a player failed to connect to the match. Players will now gracefully drop out of the match without being penalized if another player fails to connect.




  • Run and Hit upgrade: Fixed a bug where this upgrade would not trigger after using Mozu's Focus (Death Ray).


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